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Greenborough (fictional)  ·  Lincolnshire  ·  East Midlands  ·  England  ·  UK


2010 …


Joy Ellis



Nikki Galena, Detective Inspector at Fenland Constabulary (Lincolnshire Police)


Nikki lost her daughter to drugs, her husband filed a divorce and Nikki is ruthless against herself as well as any drug related crime. She exceeds her limits as a police officer more than once and is on the verge of getting kicked out of the force when she gets a new partner and realizes that she cannot race on like before. It is astonishing how much crime, violent crime is there in the countryside. Nikki and her partner Joseph Easter have got her hands full and life races away.


Marlowe thinks…


  1. Crime on the Fens (2016)
  2. Shadow over the Fens (2016)
  3. Hunted on the Fens (2016)
  4. Killer on the Fens (2016)
  5. Stalker on the Fens (2016)
  6. Captive on the Fens (2017)
  7. Buried on the Fens (2017)
  8. Thieves on the Fens (2017)
  9. Fire on The Fens (2018)
  10. Darkness on the Fens (2019)
  11. Hidden on the Fens (2020)
  12. Secrets on the Fens (2021)
  13. Fear on the Fens (2022)

(Part of the series was previously published:

  1. Mask Wars (2010)
  2. Shadowbreaker (2011)

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