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I’m Marlowe:
I know everything, I spoil nothing.


Welcome to more & more… murder & thank you for stopping by!

I’m ageless & I’m obsessed w/ crime fiction – if in print, if on TV – since I was a kitten cuddling in my mistress’ lap when she was reading crime novels or watching TV crime drama series. (I’m a senior black & white cat now worldly-wise…)

Now I’ve decided to file my vast knowledge on crime series in this blog – post by post. My views are personal – always – and certainly not exhaustive.

Have fun & enjoy „a faint cold fear thrilling through your veins…“ when diving into crime fiction.


My mistress thinks (which is always true…):


“Done is better than perfect!”

by Sheryl Sandberg


So I, Marlowe, jump in at the deep end & just start… There’s lot of stuff in my head & in my home – books, DVD, eBooks…

I always start with a „profile“ summarizing all the facts like „Where?“, „When?“, „Who are the players?“, „Which Books/DVD…?“; then I create my personal view of the main investigator and the series.

…and another note
I care only about novels – original novels (i. e. no posthumous additions!). Also short stories are not in scope.


PS: If you like to contact me just write an e-mail to marlowe@moreandmoremurder.de.



Advertising /Werbung”

According to a recent decision of a German court I’ve to brand all posts by „advertising/Werbung“ as soon as affiliate links or any other links to companies/blogs etc. appear in the post. This doesn’t mean that I have any contract w/ companies, media agencies etc. for presenting these books, DVD or any other products if directly or by affiliate link. (Behind the “affiliate link” is always (& only!) the amazon partner program (pls. refer to  Datenschutz  for details)).
If there is any contract I’ll announce this type of co-operation explicitly.




In general the photos of this blog are taken by my mistress & therefore copyrighted. Sometimes photos which are marked explicitly are downloaded (see sources). Please don’t use any w/o written permission!



…& last, but not least…

Don’t miss my mistress’ blog the businesswoman’s kitchen – a food blog on “home cooking for people with too many office hours“.







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a faint cold fear thrills through my veins ... william shakespeare