profile: gretta mulrooney & tyrone swift

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London  ·  Great Britain


2015 …


Gretta Mulrooney



Tyrone Swift, private investigator


Tyrone Swift retired from police to become a private investigator. Maybe he underestimated the amount of crime beyond the criminal world i. e. gang crimes, racketeering, human trafficking, drug dealing… Anyway he learns that families can be as destructive as any professional criminal especially when there is a fortune to be inherited, there are long buried betrayals, there are individual career plans not agreed with the rest of the family… Tyrone has got his hands full with solving the problems of his clients when the challenges of his messy private life start to overwhelm him.


Marlowe thinks …


  1. The Lady Vanished (2015)
  2. Blood Secrets (2016)
  3. Two Lovers, Six Deaths (2016)
  4. Watching You (2017)
  5. Low Lake (2018)
  6. Your Last Lie (2019)
  7. Her Lost Sister (2020)
  8. Murder in Pembrokeshire (2021)
  9. Death by the Thames (2021)

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