margot renard, widow, legal graduate …

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Margot was coming back from the cove, picking her way along the rocky headland path, when the shout came down from the street. Fifty meters away, a small group of men were running along Rue Voltaire, heading towards the harbour.
It was seven a.m. and the town was slowly waking up. Keen to see what the commotion was, Margot hastened up the last few steps to the street. With her Speedo still damp beneath her beach sarong she would normally go straight home to change, but instead she followed the hurrying figures into the harbour where a small crowd had gathered beside the concrete wall. …
Margot weaved between the gathered bodies to find a space by the wall. On the other side of the concrete barrier a beach of rocks sloped down to the sea. It was so steep and littered with such large boulders that no one would normally go out that way, but now two boys were heading in the direction of the water, leaping between the rocks like a pair of human fleas. …
At first Margit couldn’t believe it actually was what it appears to be, but as the teenagers honed in on it she realized it couldn’t be anything else: a small brown body, face down on a boulder. …
He gave it a brief examination, his actions mechanical. A hush descended upon the crowd as he stood up straight and looked back at the harbour. Cupping his hands to his mouth, he cried:
“Il est mort!”

from: Body on the Rocks

A Nosy Woman

Their plan was to retire from Paris to Southern France when her husband was fifty-five. Unfortunately some years before her husband was killed in an operation when chasing some burglars … the evildoers were identified and arrested quite a lot time later. In the meantime Margot had vacated their home in Paris and moved to Southern France where there was a cottage waiting for her.

Now she lives in a small town near the coast, near Perpignan, and tries to restart her life resp. to create a new life for herself. Margot is almost fifty years old, but lively and full energy. She cares for her new home, likes to cook and sometimes starts her day after her morning swim in the sea with some champagne. She decides to revive her passion for painting which almost vanished when living in Paris.

New friends? She is busy and soon many people in the small town know her … also if rather slowly maybe a new partner appears on the horizon. Meanwhile a cat whose mistress was murdered and became homeless is lured into Margot’s house – and Margot is happy when the cat decides to live with her.

However, her boon and bane is her curiosity, her nosiness …

Margot is not only the widow of a police inspector, but also studied law and left university with a first-class degree. Obviously all crime happening in this small town in Southern France is worth some investigation, thinks Margot and starts nosing around.

Well, she is successful and notices quite a lot when dealing with a case – totally privately. The local chief of police isn’t amused and thinks she is a pain in the are when she won’t take a no as an answer. Otherwise the policemen working in the station like her …

Of course the evildoers are also not amused when Margot sticks to her guns. They take action – like torching her home or even killing her. Although almost fifty years old Margit is a healthy and fit person so that she is able to defend herself and survives any attacks. Bad luck for the evildoers. In short: there is always some action in each novel together with the growing excitement who may be blameworthy.

Margot’s activities, especially when investigating the death of the child at the beginning, are noticed by the investigating magistrate, who is happy with her initiative and her results – quite the contrary to the local chief of police. So the investigating magistrates decides to offer a job to Margot.

Margot is happy and accepts: now she is an advisor to the magistrate and deals with cold cases … however, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t involved in any present cases. So after a case of human trafficking, a cold case with brutal killings and the death of a lonely woman … what comes next?

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