inspector valeria ferro in turin

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Non Uccidere – Thou Shalt Not Kill!

A young woman walks the streets of Turin. She is wearing jeans and a grey long-sleeved T-shirt or jumper – almost always so simple, but she looks stunningly elegant. And it’s almost always bad weather – rain, snow. She is serious, she works for the police. She is Ispettore Valeria Ferro from the homicide department in Turin.

The series tells two stories. First there is Valeria, the murder investigator, and then there is Valeria, the private person in the midst of her family. It’s exciting and difficult from the moment it becomes clear that her private life and any murder investigations cannot be separated so easily.

Let’s start with the easy cases … the murder cases that Valeria investigates. Italy is a family paradise – and almost all the murders I remember now, off the top of my head, are family affairs. They are always these family tragedies where generations clash, where inheritances wait for heirs, where adultery is the order of the day and where abuse is involved. There are accidents, there are fatal accidents, there are planned murders. The family generally does everything to cover everything up, with good relations to politics, administration and justice coming in quite handy.

Valeria doesn’t buckle before powerful families, nor she lets herself be wrapped up by anyone during investigations in the petty bourgeois milieu. She searches for the truth with all her power and endurance in order to put the guilty behind bars. The truth, however, is always good for a surprise, brutal and sad at the same time.

She has a small team and a boss – and this is where her love affairs begin. This part of her private life sometimes interferes with her investigative work, but Valeria doesn’t let anything stop her. Does she want to start a family of her own? It doesn’t really look like it …

Her family is around her from the beginning. There is her brother, his wife and their little daughter, there is her uncle … At the beginning there is harmony and Valeria seems to feel comfortable in the security of the villa in the countryside. Then her brother brings her mother into the house.

Valeria cannot live with this. Her mother was in prison for almost two decades because she was convicted of murdering her husband, Valeria’s father. Valeria’s brother is ready to forgive his mother and plans a new start, but Valeria is upset, angry, beside herself and runs away.

It becomes clear relatively quickly that the murder case of the past is far from over. There has been an arrest and a trial, but the release of Valeria’s mother seems to set a few stones rolling. If nothing else, Valeria starts investigating and takes on the case file. She stumbles across a few inconsistencies, of course. There is the role of her father … of her mother’s husband … of her mother’s lover …

Her private life is soon massively influenced by this case, in which she, as a daughter, should not actually be investigating. Parallel to all her remaining cases, Valeria experiences her own case, in which a few things are gradually uncovered. There are, of course, other deaths and connections to organised crime. Valeria is in the middle of it all – and despairs over the statements and facts that she learns step by step and that throw her whole world into confusion.

In the end … yes – at some point all the questions are answered.

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