björn diemel and mindfulness

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ONE THING FIRST: I am not a violent person. Quite the opposite. For example, I’ve never been in a fight in my entire life. And I didn’t kill my first person until I was forty-two. Which, if I look around me in my current professional environment, is rather late. Well, the following week I had almost half a dozen killings.
That may sound unpleasant at first. But everything I did, I did with the best of intentions. It was the logical result of a mindful lifestyle change. To harmonise and improve my career and my family life.

from: Achtsam morden
(own translation)

Mindfulness and the Solution to any Trouble

A lawyer specialising in criminal law deals with criminal offences and represents criminals in court. It’s just his job. If this lawyer works in a commercial law firm specialising in tax consulting … well, what does he do then? Exactly the same. Even clients who are represented by the law firm in commercial and tax matters need a slightly different kind of support from time to time, in special cases.

Björn Diemel embarked on this path of legal advice after completing his studies and worked on his career with great success for several years. After all, he is mainly responsible for one of his law firm’s major clients and fixes pretty much everything that goes wrong. Said major client is involved in every imaginable shady business, be it prostitution, drug dealing, arms smuggling or blackmail … A lot of money flows in, which is looked after and managed by Björn’s colleagues. The law firm earns very well from its clients. Björn himself is also involved in this environment – especially as he has the unreserved trust of his particular client.

However, Björn’s main tasks lie in a different area. He represents his client’s employees in court when they’ve once again rioted in a restaurant, when they’ve tried to shop at a jeweller’s without paying, when they’ve been arrested by the police at a nasty crime scene … Björn knows all the tricks in criminal law and knows how to get the culprits off very quickly.

His job is lucrative. Björn and his wife have a nice home and enough money to afford a comfortable life of luxury. Their little daughter is the centre of attention for both of them and nothing is too expensive to make her life and future beautiful. The price Björn has to pay for this is high – he hardly has any time for his family. His 50-, 60-, 70-hour week – which I estimate – also takes its toll on him at the weekend. As a result, the family life is a mess. Björn’s wife orders him to go to therapy to save his and her private life. Björn is not enthusiastic, but for the sake of peace and above all because of his young daughter … His wife threatens with separation and to take the child away …

Not everything is going as Björn would like at the law firm either. Although he is a valued employee who brings in a lot of revenue, the shady deals … are not really to the taste of the honourable law firm, which is concerned about its good reputation. As a result, Björn doesn’t manage to become a partner, which annoys him immensely. He has to watch helplessly as others younger than him pass him by.

One evening, Björn finally finds himself with a therapist who wants to teach him mindfulness and practise mindful behaviour with him. Björn quickly realises what does no longer work correctly in his private and professional life – and how mindfulness can help in everyday life.

From now on, things are looking up. Björn becomes active. He starts working with his client and takes over his business after the client’s sudden death (!). Nobody knows about the killing at first, because Björn tells everyone a fairy tale: his client officially lives on, albeit underground, in hiding … because his last activities led to the police searching for him with great vigour.

Björn leaves the law firm at this point and sets up his own business. He comes to terms with his client’s employees, whom he now controls. Opposition is not tolerated. Björn establishes order and everyone who is against him disappears … somehow.

All of this is based on the insights Björn gains from the therapy sessions with his mindfulness coach. Through mindfulness, Björn prioritises himself and his goals … and all of a sudden … everything looks much better. Suddenly his private situation is also raised to a new level: there is a separation, but it is amicable, and they both look after their daughter intensively – much to Björn’s delight.

All’s well that ends well?
What Björn has started develops quickly – and Björn is in the thick of it, secretly becoming the new boss. There are always new challenges, which Björn masters intelligently and with a great deal of mindfulness. Once again, mindfulness and the disappearance of people, the killing of people, the bending of the law, the roughening up of unruly employees and competitors … are not contradictory.

The novels also take an interesting look at our society and its day-to-day problems. Whether it’s working wives and mothers, whether it’s kindergarten applications, whether it’s an overflowing local administration, whether it’s unruly tenants … Björn finds a brilliant solution for everything with the help of mindfulness.

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