tom brannick and the bloody past

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The past isn’t dead.

from: season #1

Living with the Past

Tom Brannick has got a past going back to the era of The Troubles. He was a police officer involved in all the mess of those days. Also he is a police officer nowadays at the level of a Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) – still in Belfast.

On paper The Troubles may have ended, but daily life seems still full of collateral damages. Especially when corpses appear … somewhere in the middle of nowhere …

It starts with a car dumped in the bay – then there is an abduction … Tom Brannick studies some evidence and suddenly he is convinced that the recent events may be linked up to a cold case, a very special cold case, when years ago Northern Ireland police was on search for a whistle-blower in their own ranks who was responsible for several murders. The traitor was called Goliath.

With his assumption and his subsequent actions Brannick seems to have opened a can of worms. Goliath was never identified, so never ended up at the bar. Sometime along the way the case was finally buried.

Brannick knows that his actions are not going to make him popular. Suddenly some sort of hell brakes loose. He gets more than one hint to drop the case, sometimes polite calls, sometimes much more threateningly. When corpses from the era of The Troubles are digged up it gets more and more difficult and dangerous. These skeletons, of course, will be handled by a special team along to rules established how to deal with victims of The Troubles. Meaning mainly that there are no investigations concerning the culprits. It’s mainly about identifying the corpses and bring the news to the families, the survivors, the devastated offspring – always hoping that no ideas about revenge will suddenly surface.

Brannick is not amused. He is on the warpath to bring to light whatever happened then, in the past …

There are more fresh cases to be investigated somehow resulting of the whole mess. Brannick is busy with them. Nevertheless he is still clueless who Goliath might have been resp. is. His colleagues seem to hew filed away the case.

All is also woven into his private life. From a picture window in his living room he looks out on an island, a desolate island, where some of the corpses are found. Obviously the corpses have been murdered. Brannick is keen to get invocation, but he is restrained by his colleagues, his superiors …

There is his daughter who is attacked … a warning shot towards him. His wife disappeared in the past, so Brannick became a single father which made him devoted to his daughter. He is convinced that Goliath was involved when his wife … at least he tells this story whenever he is asked. Brannick is far deeper involved in the actions of the past than assumed – and he cannot wash his hands of responsibility. It remains open at this moment who knew what happened then, knew about Brannick’s wife …

It’s a mess.

Finally the mystery enclosing his wife’s disappearance vanishes into thin air … although with a powerful drumbeat – which doesn’t mean that somebody is taken to court. However, this doesn’t close the Goliath case resp. all the cases from the past and the present. It continues.

The mess seems to spread … Unfinished business will care for another season.

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