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Rainy Days in Seattle

Seattle, in the most Northwestern corner of the USA – just south of the Canadian border, is a modern metropolis enclosed by water from the ocean, from rivers and lakes as well thick nature with forests and shrubs … a paradise where many corpses may be hidden, if buried, if sunken into water, if just forgotten amid the dense underwood … The price for all this nature’s opulence is water – so it rains very often and very much in Seattle caring for a more dull appearance of the city as well as the landscape around.

Linden and Holder try to nail down murderers in this environment and they often have to walk around during grey-in-grey days and dark nights. When they are hunting a murderer – or somebody who might be the murderer or might be rather near to the murderer – they forget their office hours, do without sleeping and only with minimalistic fast food. However, alcohol is another aspect of this life on the brink. Finally after lots of moments of action and long surveillance hours as well as lots of misjudgments concerning the potential evildoers they get to the bottom of the whole mess and finally nail the culprit.

Seattle is a city with many shades where people live and suffer. Linden and Holder mainly deal with people living on the fringes of society, have a murky business running or are simply criminals. Money is always short and anybody does whatever possible to survive and enhance their level of existence. We are talking about drug addicts, prostitutes, minor runaways, thieves, frauds. However, there are also white collar criminals, politicians and businessmen, especially when there is an election and anybody involves tries to make their own cut. In short: Linden and Holder find themselves amid this mess – there isn’t any glamour.

There aren’t so many cases for Linden and Holder. Each case starting with a single corpse leads to more violence, more crime, more corpses – sometimes coming from the past when somebody started his bloody business years ago. There isn’t any black-and-white solution, all is more grey. Good and evil isn’t clearly separable – and often someone overwhelmed by grieve starts his own revenge campaign leading to even more calamities. Also the police and its officers are definitely not the naturally good – there are rotten apples, deeply rotten apples.

I think you get an impression of the cases: it’s not only the main case, the red thread on which Linden and Holder proceed, but there are the stories of people just involved in the case resp. the investigation – and there are their friends and families … It’s always quite a lot worth to be narrated. Also the private stories of Linden and Holder are depicted with many details.

Linden is on her way to leave Seattle and move to California with her lover and her child – into a new future. On her last day the corpse of a young girl emerges – and Linden can’t let go. Her relationship crashes, her son moves in with his father who lives in Chicago since Linden got divorced. During this last investigation in Seattle Linden neglected her son badly. She finally stays behind alone. The case demands too much from her. She opts finally for a downtime.

Holden became a drug addict when working undercover for the narcotics department. He made a rehabilitation and was transferred to the homicide department. He is imbalanced and nervous, exhausted and likes to hit hard before asking. However, somehow he manages to stay alive and active as a detective.

After their first case which quickly becomes a mega-case involving politicians struggling in a soon-to-be election as well as family and friends of the victim … and business people Linden leaves the police, but she returns rather soon when a case she worked on in the past seems to be a key to more murders, recent murders, although the killer is safe in prison and waits for his execution. Linden can’t calm down and infects Holder who has his doubts. Both choose a way which is some sort of never-comeback-route garnished with more murder cases.

The Killing is a dark series claiming extreme commitment and courage until self-abandonment from Hilden and Holder. There are scenes demanding also from the viewer quite a lot of determination – not to stop the presentation. Otherwise you may be sure that it is suspense-packed until the end.

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