max arnold and the good life

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Crime – and Rich and Beautiful People

It’s The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea where DI Max Arnold and his small team are busy and their business is law and order. It isn’t about arresting burglars or pickpockets, car thieves or young teens or teens applying any graffiti scribbling – Max and his team look out for murderers.

However, let’s talk about Max and his team before we turn to the crime.

Max lives on a decrepit houseboat like a young student mainly consuming fast food. He is married – still married to a successful and attractive woman – and he is furious about this situation. His wife Astrid lives in their elegant apartment and experiences a new life, whatever she goes for. Max isn’t amused and doesn’t like the idea of a divorces as well as any new men in his wife’s life. Trouble is inevitable although Astrid again and again tries to smoothen the waves. Good life? Maybe in future there is another chance for both.

DS Priya Shamsie, Max’ right-hand woman, is a good-looking Indian, married with a baby. She comes back to the office rather soon, because she has trouble with being a young mother – as it seems. Fortunately she’s got a cute and able husband to care for anything when she is chasing murderers. Good life? Slowly she approaches her role as a mother.

Finally there is DC Connor Pollock, black, always in sharp suits – and he seems determined to get ahead. He is accompanied by another DC, Jess Lombard, a young women … and there is als a young female PC. Summing up the whole team: it is a mixed race and gender team – and it is a successful team, of course. Be sure that the private lives of all team members are part of the series – and will continue to act on the investigations.

The cases … it’s always murder even if at first sight somehow maybe disguised as accident or whatever. Max and his team have to dig deep to get to the basic trouble that is responsible for the proceedings. Always Max finds himself again among these well-off residents in Chelsea, in their posh houses or apartments, among businessman and businesswomen … who think they can get away with anything. However, there are also less fortunate people in Chelsea, who also get involved in the cases. Maybe it’s a more modern portrait of Chelsea as one might think. (We are definitely not finding ourselves in some sort of modern Agatha-Christie-ambiance.)

The cases always need a lot of investigations and deep dives into the past to be solved. It’s comfort crime with a modern twist. If you like to relax – just watch an episode. As fas as known the next season is on its way.

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