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Copenhagen Police investigator Jeppe Kørner splashed water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror on the tiled bathroom wall. …
He was looking tired and knew it wasn’t just because of the energy-saving bulbs used by police headquarters. The silly, peroxide-bleached hair didn’t help. He should never have let his friend Johannes talk him into it.
Variety is the spice of life, ha! Maybe he should just shave it all off. Then at least he would look like a policeman again. …
The office Jeppe shared with his colleague Anette Werner was no exception: filled with sad laminate and molded-brick furniture and lacking any ambition whatsoever to create a cheerful work environment. Anette, on the other hand, provided just that. As he walked in, she was reclining in her chair, feet up on the desk, laughing at something she was watching on her cellphone. …
Eight years sharing an office and working as partners had smoothes remarkably few edges. In spite of that, he and Anette usually ended up on the same team when the police superintendent put together investigative groups for current cases. Apparently the two of them complemented each other in a way they themselves failed to see.

from: The Tenant

Into the Depths of Human Souls

Jeppe Kørner and Anette Werner share an office in the police headquarters of Copenhagen. They work in the homicide department – very successful, although there always seem some tensions between them. Nevertheless they work things out and know each other deeply … so that they intuitively know what to do, whom to alert, where to search … when one of them has started a solo effort once again during an investigation and lands in deep shit i. e. life and health are at risk.

They are not alone: some more detectives are busy around them and assist them during the daily workload. Especially a young woman, divorced with two children, is a great help, although she is mainly active in the office working with the Internet and lots of social platforms to gain background information. Jeppe and she start some sort of relationsship once, but …

… and there is a female boss.

All the cases are complex. Usually they start with a corpse, however, more corpses follow soon. Maybe the cases seem to be rather simple at the beginning, but this idea volatilizes soon. Jeppe and Anette are brilliant in drafting motives and background scenes, but each case is much more intricate than assumed. Furthermore there is always a high level of violence. People are not just killed, but often tormented until they finally die.

Jeppe and Anette are confronted with evildoers who have their very own agenda for killing. The motives may come from the past, from their twisted minds, from some catalyst activated by an innocent bystander … Sometimes they simply want to kill … Definitely all the investigations are enthralling and Jeppe or Anette (or both) always get into trouble, get injured, sometimes really badly injured.

From the very beginning the private life of each detective is part of the novels – and sometimes of the cases. Both of them are happy – sometimes, both are unhappy and stressed – sometimes. Of course their private life influences their work, but it makes the whole picture of each case much more alive and exciting.

Jeppe is divorced, his wife left him for another guy – now living happily with her new husband and a baby. Jeppe is heartbroken. He starts relationships, but nothing works out. Even his living together with his colleague and her daughters ens soon in a disaster. Let’s wait what will happen during the next years.

Anette is mid40s, happily married with a textbook husband – when she realizes that she is pregnant. Life with a little baby is stressful. Anette is fighting herself because she loves her baby, but she also loves her job … and often she struggles when she is due to return home. Let’s also wait what will happen during the next years.

… and there are amateurs, a retired university professor for literature, dreaming of writing murder mysteries, and her lodger, also retired and much older than her. They are involved in the first case – and especially Jeppe keeps in touch and gets ideas, hints and hunches from this source.

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